Picture restoration



 I clean and restore pictures - provided that they are oil paintings and 19th century or later;
so, if you have any grubby Victorians hanging about in your attic or on your walls,
I can improve them for you. I can arrange for them to be relined, and for any tears to be repaired;
I will then clean them and restore lost paintwork or bad cracking.

The portrait shown here is a very small 19th century painting of the client's great-great grandmother.
It needed to be relined, as the canvas & stretcher were in poor condition, and the frame was also on its last legs.
Below you can see the portrait at three points in its treatment: as it was originally (left), after cleaning (right),
and then, below, restored and back in its (repaired) frame.

Cleaning revealed the fact that the paint surface was crazed in large areas with cracks and tiny islands of paint,
like a dried-up river bed; this is clearly visible in the second image.


Below is a pair of a badly damaged paintings by the artist F. E. Jamieson (c.1895-1950), discoloured,
with engrained dirt; one with an L-shaped rip in the sky and one with a large tear in the bottom centre.

The first painting is shown as it was before treatment, then after it had been relined and half-cleaned;
the second is shown as it was when it arrived, and when it had been completed.

Francis E. Jamieson, On the Trent near Newark: uncleaned; & then relined and partly cleaned

Francis E. Jamieson, On the Ouse near Richmond: uncleaned; & then relined, cleaned, restored and protected with a wax varnish

It's also possible to clean picture frames... these can get very dirty indeed, as dust can adhere to the under-layer of size if
they've been oil-gilded; and hanging for decades in rooms heated by open fires and frequented by smokers can make
the frames as grimy as the paintings.

Here, below, is an example of a Victorian oil-gilded frame half-way through the cleaning process, and when finished.
It made all the difference to the painting inside it...